North-Western Pistol Club

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: Centre Fire Pistol
: Anna M June 22, 2015, 01:09:22 AM

Schedule:   Shot every second Sunday with Sport Pistol start time alternates between 11.00 am                     and 1.00 pm

Background:   This match is shot by men at the Commonwealth Games and ISSF World Cups.

Centre Fire competitors use “Centre Fire” pistols (revolvers or semi-autos) with allowable calibres of .30, .32, .38 or .357.

The 60 shot match is shot at a distance of 25 metres and is divided into a 30 shot precision series and a 30 shot rapid-fire series.

The precision target has a 5cm 10-ring, while the rapid fire has a 10cm Centre.

The precision, or slow-fire stage, is fired in six series of five shots and competitors have five minutes per series. In the 30 shot rapid-fire stage, competitors shoot strings of five shots.


The course of fire for Centre Fire Pistol matches can be found in the North Western Pistol Club Induction Handbook